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This is where you will witness Roy at his most playful, the collection of books which he illustrates and often co-authors, are an adventure for kids aged 4-10 y.o while also containing universal humour that any age will get a giggle out of!


Each book is incredibly interactive, educational in the most entertaining way possible and always filled with colourful characters.  

Due to the nature of books being released with different authors across several different publishers, we are unable to feature them all in one place at this point in time. However, if you would like to see a full list of works your best bet is to get in touch with Roy in person! 


The excitement of revealing a custom print or illustration never gets old, the process of exploring ideas to detail someone's fondest memories or scouting a new landmark is an absolute passion of Chris "Roy" Taylors'.

The sights and iconic locations within Roy's home in the Macedon Ranges has sparked the creation of a collection of prints that can be framed or simply rolled up and sent to your doorstep as-is.


If you have a special idea, a location or just a nostalgic vision that you'd love to see brought to life all you need to do is sing out. Roy would love nothing more than to bring your unique concept to life!


Roy's career works as a cartoonist has bridged many subjects and moods from silly, playful and downright childish to satirical, political and at times even practically insightful. 

This is absolutely his most prolific medium, the gallery before you scratch the surface to reveal some of Roy's personal favourites but if you would like to see the broader body of work then you'll want to hit up this link follow any of his social media pages so that you don't miss a thing! 

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